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Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement

Get Cash for your structured settlement or annuity payments

Are you receiving payments as the result of a lawsuit or injury claim? Are you struggling financially and could really use the cash now? Rescue Capital can help.

By selling your future payments to Rescue Capital for a cash lump sum you are free to use the money any way you want it. It’s Your Money, Your Way™

Use the money to pay

Yes, you’re allowed to sell your structured settlement payments!

Many people are reluctant to sell their future payments and get the cash they need because they think they are doing something sneaky. However, the sale of your structured settlement and annuity payments are allowed by State and Federal law. There are statutes in place to protect your best interest when you sell your future structured settlement payments.

Some people think that it is too complicated to sell their structured settlement when, in fact, it is a fairly simple process. Rescue Capital can even wire the money directly into your bank account.

Rescue Capital provides tailored solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. You decide—sell your entire structured settlement or just portion. Let us help you get the cash you need today.

Call Rescue Capital today at 866.688.3532 to learn how you can get the cash you need from your structured settlement.

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