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How to Sell your Future Structured Settlement Payments for a Cash Lump Sum

The Steps

How to sell your structured settlement

So you decided to sell your structured settlement, now what? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to happen.

Step 1: Call Us
Call or email Rescue Capital to receive your free no-obligation quote. Tell us about your situation. Fax or email us your paperwork or send it to us overnight.

Step 2: Paperwork Review
We review your paperwork and discuss all the options available to you.

Step 3: Review and Move Forward
You review your options and decide to go forward with the process.

Step 4: Send Purchase Contract
We send you a Purchase Contract Package.

Step 5: Sign, Notarize and Send
The Purchase Contract Package documents are reviewed, signed/notarized and sent back to us. Don’t forget to tell us if you want your money via direct deposit or check!

Step 6: Court Approval Process
Rescue Capital begins the Process for Court Approval.

Step 7: Insurance Company Acknowledgment
Once the insurance company acknowledges the court order your transaction is complete. Length of time varies by insurance company.

Step 8: Get Your Money
Once we receive the insurance company's acknowledgment your money will be sent to you in the manner you specified.

Contact Rescue Capital at 866.688.3532 to get started.

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